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Worst of Times May Lead to the Best

In the Chicago Tribune article, "What if this time of chaos is beginning of something better?" on October 20, 2019, the author, Mary Schmich asks, "What if this moment of acute chaos is the rocky beginning of something better? What if it's a way of pushing us forward even when it seems we're moving backward?" She is referring to these tumultuous times in our country when polarizing and divisive beliefs as well as behavior are running seemingly rampant - a period in American history when those in authority within our government, hold thoughts and use language that diminish many while uplifting only a select segment of the population. Schmich suggests that out of this cacophony of voices, a more harmonious, unifying and productive chorus may swell, one that embodies a sense of thoughtfulness, intelligence and desire to support everyone while including all shades of ideas, needs and perspectives in dialogue and ultimate problem solving forums.

I totally agree! Challenges and struggles can set us back, possibly destroying us, or make us smarter and stronger. Those who feel suppressed and ignored, fight harder to make their desires and rights heard and acknowledged. Climate change deniers motivate people like Greta Thunberg to speak out with passion and concern while presenting important proof of the long term effects of global warming. The impetuous behavior of the President, who dares to incessantly spew forth lies on his behalf, prompts those who oppose him and are trying to impeach him to temper their frustration and possible anger to use reason, restraint, and proper protocol to show evidence of his wrongdoing. Schmich states that by remaining vigilant and working hard, we can begin to shine a light on the injustices that are taking place and begin to change them. She goes on to remind us that it can be exhausting to stay on top of what is happening and to make a difference, wisely suggesting we "step away for a while."

This article reminded me once again about the value of restoring self - to take a break in order to take care of ourselves with nurturing and soothing practices. Having been renewed and refreshed, we are better able to attend to others and to participate in our work, activities and interests. Feeling recharged and restored, we are more motivated and energetic to return to the cause - to stay vigilant and contribute to change. In doing so, we are better equipped to make significant changes in our present situation and possibly turn the worst of times into the best!?

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