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What Do We Do in the Meantime?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris clearly won the election. Why do I and countless others feel nervous and uncertain? I get many emails from and listen on TV to political pundits who have been pointing out Trump's many feeble attempts to change the outcome of this past election to his advantage, by filing law suits and undermining voting procedures and the democratic process with his immature and rancorous rhetoric. I wonder how much damage he can cause before Biden is sworn in; when will we be rid of Trump and his pathetic sociopathic ways; when will all this disturbing clamor no longer distract us from starting the unifying, healing process our country and its innumerable varied inhabitants desperately want and need?

As I sit here, I wonder how I can return to that hopeful, excited, peaceful place I was in when I first heard that Biden and Harris won the election? How can I recapture the sense of relief and joy I felt for the promise of a more unified populace - finally feeling a sense of belonging not only to their family, community and/or state but also to the larger society; sharing a greater understanding and acceptance of the differences of others; healing the wounds of racism and all other prejudices and stereotypes; and finally surviving the pandemic, returning to a renewed sense of normalcy and freedom while regaining their economic stability?

As in the midst of any calamity, any trauma, any unsettling turn of events in our lives, we must rely even more heavily on that which restores us to our center, our foundation. Without a strong sense of who we are, what is important to us, what grounds us and helps us to thrive, we are thrown by the winds of misfortune and negativity into a state of helplessness, chaos and often depression. Fortunately, many challenges, setbacks and disappointments in my life have helped me to discover my true identity, my beliefs and to motivate me to establish and maintain those practices, which continue to nurture positivity and ground me.

In the midst of all this confusion and seeming chaos during this time of transition, which should be heralded in by a concession from the exiting president and marked by cooperation, I am making a conscious effort to listen less to Trump and those highlighting his immature, negative behavior and more to my own positive script of love, hope, confidence with humility, compassion which leads to cooperation, and humor. I am making an even more deliberate decision to commit to the daily and weekly practices that support my good health/fitness; my Faith - the belief that there is only one power in the Universe, God the Good; the nurturing of meaningful relationships, the enjoyment of art and creative pursuits; the appreciation of soothing and uplifting music; and my eternal belief that that "We, the People," can survive, endure, heal, restore, overcome, transform and eventually thrive, no matter what.

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