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Communing with Nature - the Ultimate Restorative Experience

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Two days ago I set out on another one of my morning walks in one of my favorite Nature Preserves, dragging some anxiety with me. As I started on the path leading from the parking lot into a woodsy area, lush with vegetation, I could feel the pressure of the tension in my body weighing me down and making me feel sluggish and lazy. With each step, I could feel the heaviness in my muscles melting away. Besides the fact that I was naturally warming up and developing a a flowing rhythm with each movement, I was also shifting into a different energy level while my mental focus shifted from what was bugging me internally to what was exciting and inspiring me outside in this beautiful natural setting. Maybe the serotonin was kicking in, but something else was also happening.

A mental, physical, spiritual bonding often seems to take place while I walk in these open, natural places - a sense of mind. body, and soul merging in the most peaceful, positive and loving place within me! When I finally reached one of my favorite spots, the trail heading into a large meadow, I could feel the beginning of some kind of natural high, a form of ecstasy. I could feel healing energy coming up through my feet with every step on the grassy path, as well as a sense of reverence and awe while observing the expanse of untainted rolling land covered with trees, grasses, wildflowers and water. As I touched the blades of grasses, I could feel tingling in my body along with such powerful sensations of joy and exhilaration, I smiled and cried all at the same time. I felt as if I were walking on a green carpet surrounded by hosts - dressed in gold, beige and green gowns, decorated with white, yellow and purple flowers - honoring me and guiding me on my journey!

Whatever was bothering me when I started walking, became a distant memory and I was renewed with a new focus, greater energy, and an intense sense of hope, inspiration, peace and love - longing to be revealed; longing to be shared;

longing to be expressed in some productive way!! Although the humidity and bugs it invited brought some discomfort, my walk turned out to be another extremely satisfying and enriching exercise - so restorative and transformative in nature - so divine!!

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