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A Time of Restoration and Renewal

It has been way too long since I last posted a blog here! Why? With the pile up of one frustration and disappointment after another in my professional and personal life, each day life started to feel heavier and more exhausting. Too many job rejections; too many experiences of being ignored and left hanging by people I care about or look to for valuable comments and feedback. My energy and motivation gradually diminished while I worked so hard to overcome the doldrums arising from the constant attack on my positive sense of self and well-being, messing with my normally upbeat beliefs and spirits. The consistently incompetent, uncaring, unscrupulous, and derogatory comments and policies put forth by President Trump, and the growing unrest and division caused by them, only added to the dark cloud looming over me. For so long, I was able to do little more than meet the regular responsibilities and needs of each day. Once I regained motivation and energy, the pandemic hit and I had to learn to cope with the fear, confusion and limitations of the mysterious virus infecting the world, threatening to interfere once again with my productive momentum. I wondered if and when this negative cycle would ever end!?

At last election day arrived. Taking in all the political rhetoric, information and campaigning was also exhausting and often overwhelming. Watching the numbers shift from election night on and waiting for the final results were nerve-wracking. It felt as if I were holding my breath to hear the final results, while thinking and asking myself, "Make this stop! When will this all go away? Will we have to endure another four years of a destructive and divisive administration? If so, how will I cope?" When I first heard Biden had been officially declared the winner, I screamed with joy, feeling the tension in my body melt away as my energy shifted from a state of hightened alert, concern, and futility to one of relief, trust, and hope again. My mind, my spirits and my body could at last relax and feel fully inspired once again to be more constructive, playful, and creative, excited about all good possibilities.

I know I am not alone in experiencing this wave of relief and renewed positive emotions washing over my mind, heart and body. Last Saturday Egberto Willies, progressive radio host, shared the video clip of CNN host and commentator, Van Jones' response to Biden's win. As I listened to their honest, emotional and thoughtful comments, I resonated to their statements and felt connected to a larger community of Americans, pulsating with powerful, beautiful, restorative thoughts and emotions in response to the pain caused by Trump and his administration during the last four years, flowing into a sense of present relief and anticipation of greater goodness and healing to come. No longer feeling the sadness, helplessness, and anger in response to events during the past four years, I cried, then sobbed from the release of frustration and fear felt for so long and basked in my excitement for newfound joy, healing and growth, for the restoration of my soul, for the souls of others, as well as for the soul of our nation as a whole.

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